C# WPF SimConnect proper way of receiving simulator information.

Hello, I've been looking at requesting data about the simulator like specific version of the simulator.
I have been looking into the SDK Documentation but maybe i just haven't looked into this properly but i couldn't find a way to request this data. I looked into the Simulation Variables, to request data via "SimConnect_AddToDataDefinition", but i have found no mentions of simulator information or version information. If anyone has experience requesting this sort of information from SimConnect. Please let me know.

Also keep in mind i am using C# and WPF, i have had alot of issues with WPF and SimConnect, especially when requesting data from the simulator but hopefully i can find a way to request this kind of data.

Kind Regards,
Review the simconnect_open, simconnect_recv_open structure.

  char  szApplicationName[256];
  DWORD  dwApplicationVersionMajor;
  DWORD  dwApplicationVersionMinor;
  DWORD  dwApplicationBuildMajor;
  DWORD  dwApplicationBuildMinor;
  DWORD  dwSimConnectVersionMajor;   <=============
  DWORD  dwSimConnectVersionMinor;   <=============
  DWORD  dwSimConnectBuildMajor;       <=============
  DWORD  dwSimConnectBuildMinor;       <=============
  DWORD  dwReserved1;
  DWORD  dwReserved2;