P3D v4 C_Wheel Nightmare...

Just spent last night and this morning redoing and redoing the c_wheel on a float plane. 2 front tires... No matter what I do, they will not work right. I tried reversing them to opposite sides, one turns inside, one turns outside.. I redo the one to animate in the opposite direction... to no effect... sigh..

I redid the part that is the front nose gear. That wasnt it. I created a small cube to be the turning part (c_wheel) on the assembly (the part having issues). That made no difference. (I did this first, in fact, thinking the part was bad, so I made a box and used that).

I have everything rescaled... I have reset their animations a couple of times.

The parts (floats and landing gear, but not the tires) are from an old project (Kodiak) and the other parts (except the water rudder) are running fine. (I just remembered, I think I need to enter a water rudder entry in the aircraft.cfg).

But what... in... the... world????? Why wont this dang thing work? Could it be that V4 has an issue with c_wheel with 2 front wheels? Suspension is working fine. Just not with 'c_wheel'...

Animated 0-200 KF's. I redid the animation 3 times. I then got the DC3 from the SDK and I copied (duplicated, not copy/paste) the landing gear animation. That also didnt work.

Checked the SDK XML, 200 KF's... so no one has messed with the time line from years ago, heh heh...

Any idea's?
Well, I tried linking everything to a dummy (box, not a pure dummy node). Didnt work.
I tried linking box links into the parts so that links went to links then to parts, so nothing touched each other.
I found that if I linked (Hierarchy) a part to another (through the linkage system, for lack of better term) that if I link it at point (keyframe) zero, that it didnt lose its gizmo angle, which it was doing if I linked it at KF 100. So that was a big find.

But... With all that amazing trouble shooting, Jerry rigging, years of knowledge in bending polygons with hyper colliders, mixing sub atomic particles with vertice matter, using gravity waves to enduce micro victory in animation issues... NOTHING WORKED!!! The dang thing still leans in the wrong ways and sometimes acts different on left to right.

Theory... V4 doesnt export this properly.
Small side note. Parts originally designed in Gmax, imported through MCX to 2014 Max. But I linked parts from box to box; Part-box-Part-box, etc...

Also, I used my own tires, recreated the front gear arm. Made the overall node a box instead of the floats (this time).

No joy...
For a nosegear assembly you need the c_wheel animation for steering (KF 0-200 [edited]), c_gear for retraction and suspension (0-200), and c_tire (0-100) for the rotation of the wheels. Is all of that set up and linked properly?

Why not merge in a working c_wheel assembly from an earlier project, align and attach (!) your new wheels to the old ones, element-pick the old mesh and delete it.

Just for laughs here is a working nosewheel assembly. Hang on ... here ya go https://www.dropbox.com/s/iwjo1l8n7u3ihsb/cgear_setup.zip?dl=0
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That's odd. You mean my assembly as posted doesn't work either when you import/export it? Inconceivable :) . How about importing one of your own tried and tested sets of wheels, e.g. the Learjet's - that worked alright didn't it? Maybe there's an off chance that your contact points might have gone awry, seeing that it's a float plane ... perhaps try it as a non-floater, or post a copy of the [contact points] section. Two wheels or one or three or four shouldn't make any difference really, because you would just link all of them (unanimated) to the single (animated) vertical axis that determines steering. Same as for the animated horizontal axle that holds the unanimated wheels amd makes them revolve forward or backwards.
Just went to try this, already tried it. Saved with 6 animation KF points.

Didnt work. Must be a SDK issue. Using the V4.3 SDK. I might post this in the DEV center there. The DC3 doesnt use this many points. so... must be the exporter.
this what I did:
KF = 0 is facing front
KF = 50 is facing right ( 90 degree right)
KF = 150 is facing left ( 90 degree left)
KF = 200 is facing front

add note:
if you have parent-child model animation, hope you doesn't mess up with rotation alignment, parents-child must have same alignment to make parent-child animation work as intended

Many thanks, Kalong! Very grateful. I moved the slider points (animation stop points) around, deleted a couple, so they matched yours, exported, and works brilliant.

Saving this to my notes.