CAB file creators

Simple Q guys , Ive a cab file that's possibly going to need a file edited - I understand I can use some of the off shelf packages to extract the whole file to a temp folder and then overwrite the file that there is an update for saving it into the temp folder. Is there something out there that can then be SIMPLY (note the term as Im old and forget my name these days) be used like 7-zip of win zipish where I just create a new cab file from the content of the temp folder? Ive looked across forums and cannot actually find a simple application most to the greater degree go down the road of CMD line and to be quite honest whilst IM happy in there I'd rather just have a small application which I can jump in and out of as the new planted file may have to be tested and corrected numerous times at worse scenario.
There's a program for this included in the SDK called cabdir.exe. Just drag the folder onto the exe and it will create a cab file out of it. You also do not need to have it in cab file, FS can read xml gauges directly from a folder too.


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This ^^^^, especially the mention of leaving them in a ..\folder until you are finished testing! You can leave them un-cabbed in the aircraft's ..\panel folder, or as mentioned simply drag-n-drop the gauge folder on cabdir.exe when done testing/editing.

thank you!!!!

Didnt know about the SDK - never used it although it sits on my FSX folder gathering dust - will look there this weekend

The fact of leaving them "Uncab'ed" is really is great in te panel folder - never ever knew that

Turbo and Bill I doff my proverbial hat to you both in gratitude

Just some feedback on the advice here - worked a treat . now have a OH panel with taxi light buttons that light up, split out taxi and gound and the advice on leaving the files just in the folder during testing for speed ............................... priceless!

Now learning more on XML for other functional panel tools

thanks again guys
That was spooky was going to ask that exact same question today because Ive made / adapted what I have here really to learn a little and to reap some form of achievement of getting some cockpit tools Id really use - The necessity of CAB'ing was that question. lol. No chance you know the winning lottery numbers is there???