FS2004 Calgary International Airport (CYYC)

I couldn't agree with you more! Maybe that new tower is too big of a modelling challenge :) Quite the piece of architecture.

Maybe your next airport or your next try to work on an airport in Canada, after Winnipeg is done? :D Or is this a pointless wish? :D

Quite an interesting Version, had been done for X-Plane recently:

Check it out here!
Not pointless because I'd like to see a Edmonton airport in FS9. But not on my radar at the moment. Maybe somebody will take up the challenge. I had a look at the project at the end of the link. It has a passing resemblance to the layout of CYEG but the buildings don't look like the real thing. For instance, have a look at this image of the real world tower at CYEG. For now, I am very happy that Emmanuel has taken up the challenge of doing Calgary because it is a major hub airport in Canada.

Emmanual don't take this the wrong way or take this as too desperate ok. I just flew into the airport last week and saw what has changed and noticed how long it takes to walk from one end to the other. I don't need you to make it quicker just hoping it can be finished soon or what else is missing??
Hello Emmanuel,

Are you still working on Calgary? You have been silent since over a month now. Haven't heared anything about your state of development on your sceneries... Any updates?
He's just about done and I have been in touch with him. He's working on:ground textures, and all buildings are ready. So looks like another few days or a week...
Looking nice so far, Emmanuel, but still lacking of Details and some apron and taxiway texturing and ground Poly around the entire Airport to match with photoreal terrain.
Hope you are working on that as well before releasing it.
Basil, stop it. His project, his calls. Period.
Didn't put critique on that... just mentioned the things which require attention in the next steps of development. That's it...

If you can't accept that, don't read what I am writing. period!