Call me crazy but animating seems to be way harder than the modelling.

In whatever troubles I've ran into while modelling (in Blender...I'm still a beginner. Someone more seasoned will most likely have issues with my "troubles"), I always seemed to find a solution, even if it meant going the long way around and adding way more pollys than needed.

Now, I'm working on a secret project (or was secret...until I had to come and seek help here! :stirthepo), but the animations, man.

Does anyone know any video tutorial, with Blender and P3D (or FSX), giving you the steps to take to create animations such as the wingflex, gear doors, the gears rolling and etc?

Especially anything regadring the wingflex would be very welcome.

I do have the Blender2FSX/P3D plugin, I'm just a very slow learner. :duck: Any video guides would be appreciated, in addition to those made by Krispy.

Thanks for any tips or guides.
With wheels, we have 4 animation points, and it animates for a total of 100 KF's (key frame points). 0, 25, 50, 100 are the points, and you animate at 25, upwards. Rotating in the direction required...

Props, same way. Set animations for their proper amount of points also.

I use 3ds Max, so my interface and SDK, I am guessing, are totally different then yours.

No idea on wing flex.
You can look up animation points (total number of KF's in the animations) in the parts animation code sheet (modeldef.xml) (open with windows notepad).

Just do a search in Notepad (control F) and put in the name of the animation and it is easier to find.

Hi Bill,

Thanks for the tips. I'm using P3D SDK version 1.4.4747.0 as the modeldef.xml got a lot more entries than the latest version of the SDK. (Why is that?)
I'm modelling for Prepar3D v4.3 using Blender 2.79B.

I'm making some slow progress on my project with the animations. Still trying to figure out how to get the wing flex animation correctly exported. I did create the bone armature and got some nice flex but I must be making a mistake somewhere as the flex still refuses to export. :rolleyes:


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It feels good to get your first animation properly functioning. Thanks to the Blender2FSX/P3D plugin. Hope it will be ported over to Blender 2.8 too.
For now, stick to Blender V2.79x until V2.8 has matured.
To see how to do skinned mesh in Blender see this video:

If it doesn't export, it might be that you are not tagging your bones correctly. You must also set the material to skinned mesh. Finally, I would suggest not using the wingflex variable until you are sure the animation is exporting properly. Use something like the main exit as in the video so you can be sure the animation is working before you start trying to figure out how the wingflex A variable works.

There is one very important thing to remember: to export an animation managed by an armature from Blender, it is absolutely necessary to "bake" the animation of all bones in pose mode...!

1. be in pose mode;
2. select the entire armature (all bones)
3. in the "Installation" menu, go to "Animation" > "Bake Action...";
4. With a rather small Frame Step (10 for example), click on "Visual Keying" + "Clear Constraints"
5. Then click on OK, then export

BE CAREFUL to keep a non baked backup for future modification!
I don't know about "absolutely necessary" as I have never done that and my models export OK.
You're right...! I got carried away by my practice....
But if there are constraints, the export is not done. For this reason, as my frames almost always have constraints, I have gotten used to bake... for safety!