can anyone explain whats happening here?

I keep getting this, it takes me a while to load all the PBR textures and make sure all the setting are right just to have this happen, any help would be appreciated. thanks


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Could also be the length of a texture name or attachpoint in the model. Doesn't have to be the filename only. But some string is too long for sure.


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I think, if you look at the character length of the "output file": D\Lockheed Martin\Prepar....ery\REXTERMINAL1_3_0.mdl, it seems like a really long string and it seems like the iteration counter, or whatever it is, the "1_3_0," might be what pushes it over the top, it could also be the redundant scenery folder.

The path structure, indicated in the MCX log and under Addon Scenery is; the scenery title, the scenery folder, then another additional scenery folder beneath that. Consequently, the only way the simulator will render this model, is if you declare the upper scenery folder as a distinct layer in the scenery library and also include any necessary textures adjacent to the lower scenery folder within the upper scenery folder. Perhaps the lower scenery folder is unintentional.