Can I add an image into ADE as a texture?

Hi this question has probably been asked a million times, so if it is tutorial on another post please link me there.

All I would like to do is convert an image to a texture and place it on my airport.

I have watched a few videos, but they are all for FSX. (I use P3DV4.4)

I have photoshop, ade, SketchUp and modelconverterX

The image in photoshop (.tiff as it has the highest quality?)

What do I need to do next to get this as a texture? Do I need to convert it to an MDL, BGL, DDS?

Thanks, Ollie
Right so I have successfully converted this into an MDL, and it displays in MCX

But when I load into the sim the texture is black... I have already converted the texture into the power of 2 as a dxtbmp.

Any ideas?


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Have you placed the converted texture into the TEXTURE folder that is adjoining the SCENERY folder containing the BGL file for this object?
Yes, I have placed "material_2.bmp" in the Texture folder. Also, should this object be a BGL or a MDL?- both I can view (with the textures working) in MCX.

-Thanks, Ollie

Also, if you would like here is the .zip for the airport.



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It must be a BGL file. If you have no other way of adding this MDL file to the sim, you can use the Convert and Place wizard in ModelConverterX to place it into the sim. Or you can add the MDL file to the airport using ADE, if that is more convenient.
I think "Or you can add the MDL file to the airport using ADE if that is more convenient. " should be easier I will try it out.
Ok, I have done it as a BGL, I needed to put the converted textures and bgl into P3D's own scenery and texture folders, not the ones in the Southdown folder :D