Can I Change FSX Default Inland Water Textures

I use both FS2004 and FSX. For FS2004 I have REX installed but have never purchased the FSX version. In FS2004, using the REX textures, I have water textures the way I like them and...for those waterways I am personally familiar close to realistic as possible.

In FSX I am struggling, especially with inland waters like lakes and rivers, to see anything realistic. The waters all look very, very dark...bordering on black. And no, it's not missing textures. If you get close to the surface you can see some dark, dark blue color, so not completely black. I looked at the FSX/Texture folder to see if I could replace the way the inland textures looked, but the only water texture file I could find was "water.r8", which I could not edit.

I also use ORBX FTX CRM and thought perhaps ORBX had altered the textures so I see a more blackish water, than bluish, but I could not find any water textures in any of the ORBX folders, so I am assuming ORBX uses the FSX default textures.

A good example is Anderson Ranch Dam Reservoir on the South Fork of the Boise River in Southern Idaho. Here is what it looks like in real life...

Here is what I see in FSX...

I'd much rather see the inland lakes and rivers the color in the top image, not the second image.

I also posted this over at AVSIM to ask their thoughts and intend to post on ORBX as well. Any ideas? And at this time REX for FSX is not an option financially, so please don't suggest that.