FSXA Can I make this in GMAX for FSX?

So I wonder if I can make a Lifter/elevator/platform like this and be able to use to go from level to level inside a.... something like a carrier....

Thanks in advance guys :wave:
Yes, you should ask to the autor of the carrier Nimith, he créate that platform. it seem the complication was in make somthing like that in a moving platform like a carrier. In the carrier Charles de Gaulle I think thery made something similar.
Fortunately the carrier in my scenery is stationery. So technically it can be done.... that's cool man.
(Me di cuenta tarde que podria haber respondido en español.... pero bueno, hay que respetar las reglas del foro :laughing:)
I'll start the modeling phase with the hull and then make all the internal volumes for the airplanes and robots, then I figure out the best posible ways of accesing them from the outside (The original model had 9 elevator across the fight deck)