Can QGIS be used to convert ECW to Geotiff?

Probably the title says it all...
Ive read that many people areusing globalmapper for projects , but am a little discouraged by its $500 price tag for me as a hobbyist :(

Just wondering if anyone knows whether QGIS can effect a similar outcome in terms of pre processing ECW files for eventual use as photoscenery in P3D please?

Thanks Kev
Had a limited time available to work with a test ECW file in GQIS. The export options appear to be far more limited than in GlobalMapper, and having exported a geotiff through QGIS with a reprojection, it seems that there has been a loss of image quality?
Hi Kevin:

Regarding ECW (aka "Enhanced Compression Wavelet") file format: these source files may be lossy-compressed JPEG2000 imagery, so one must be careful with algorithms used to re-project and inter-convert this file format. :alert:

You may wish to review these linked threads for additional pertinent considerations and caveats: :idea:\\GaryGB

Hope this helps ! :)