Can SBuilder work without an FSX-install?


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Hey guys,

Whilst trying to take my mind of the stress of the day I decided to do some lighter modelling of some simple scenery (not trying to get close to the gods of scenery design, who I know are among us with some true magic, just something to keep me busy at night). However, whilst trying to get a satellite image from SBuilder (I remember this technique from back when I started 3D modelling) on a computer that doesn't have an FSX install on it. Now immediatly after starter SBuilder I get warnings about this and eventually I cannot get Show Background to work. I simply installed version SBX3.15 and didn't download any tile servers (don't recall what the protocol for these APIs was again). So is there someone willing to tell me if I can still use SBX even if the computer only has an installment of the FSX SDK (not FSX itself)? I only need a simple satellite map of the airport from which to model. Or if anyone knows any better methods I am open that as well. Thanks!


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Thanks Dick, I tried using this but since the installer requires an FSX.EXE I haven't been able to work it out yet. However I found a work around to get the satellite images to work, however the following message shows after this:

Could not find a part of the path 'D:\Program Files (x86)\SBX315\Tools\Cursors\pan.cur'.

So how can I fix this specific problem? It seems to be one of the last hurdles perhaps.


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I don't know how you installed SBuilderX3.15

I would recommend this:

FSX Full Install

You can then adjust the properties and settings to reflect just where you installed it. Obviously, your current installation cannot find the paths needed to work correctly, so uninstall what you have and install the recommended files.


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Hey @F747fly

As I understand it, your issue is that when you start sbuilderx it tells you ‘no fsx installed’ and youre not able to download/see any background imagery right?
I can tell you I don’t have FSX (not even the SDKs!) installed in my computer and mine works np; it warns me as well that I have no FSX installed but I just click pass it and it works fine.
Have you tried downloading any APIs for it? I use the google maps ones and they work fine!
My suggestion, re-install sbx, add an API (recommend google at least as a test first) and see if you’re still unable to see the imagery when selecting ‘show background’. The message of no fsx installed will always pop up when you start SBX but it shouldn’t prevent you from having sat imagery!