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Can someone put togther a confg similar to...

... Terrain Autogen Small Mixed Forest. Scroll down to find it here: It's the same autogen GUID found in the default scenProc .pdf help file.

http://lhsimulations.com/LHSimulations/Autogen Annotator/Using_the_Autogen_Annotator.html

I'm having a tremendous time trying to get a similar looking vegetation as the one above...


I took a look at the link posted but I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve exactly. There are many photos in that article. What vegetation mix are you looking for? Do you know the names of the types of trees?
Part of the problem may be that you're trying to use Forest like you would an autogen based tool. Forest does not deal with autogen at all. To create a forest mix, go here:


The GUID of each individual type of tree is listed beneath its picture. Select the different trees (using their respective GUID - RED in the example below) you want in your tree mix then create a tree group with those trees. Next choose what percentage of each tree type you want to appear in the final product (BLUE text in the example below).

TreeGroup|My Sample Tree Group
#Sample text comment 1
#Note the "40" indicates this object will be used for approximately 40% of the trees
#Replace the following GUID with the appropriate one for the tree type

#Sample text comment 2
#30% of the trees
#Replace the following GUID with the appropriate one for the tree type

#Sample text comment 3
#30% of the trees
#Replace the following GUID with the appropriate one for the tree type

#and so on...add up to 100 objects per tree group
Yes I know how to create a mix of vegetation, and how to mix by percentage. What I'm trying to achieve is the look of this:

Terrain Autogen Small Mixed Forest
GUID: e8b937fd-a1f2-4bd5-8548-2c80d30102af

It's beautiful. And it looks great in most types of terrain. I cannot get this mix of woods doing it off the top of my head and was wondering if anyone had a mix of vegetation that was similar. And for the record, that is the default GUID that scenProc lists in his examples.