Can we use CAT for the same jetway?

He arno,
ive got a question, if i have the same jetway in different files with different animations for different planes, can i export each jetway and use the ASM files of each to create different animations for one object? or will i be placing all of the jetways, and animating only one with a certain frequency (using the secondary condition and trigger) and have the other jetways stay static but still appearing in the same place? this sounds odd, but im just wondering how i can have one jetway perform different animations at different Nav2 frequencies.

BTW: i know im asking again (and i know i shouldnt) but when is the CAT fix coming out, im tingling with excitement to try the jetways out!! :D


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To get the correct gate animation I think it is easier to make it as a library object. This way you are sure that only one moves at a certain time. You could make different versions with different triggers as well if you want of course.

If you use a bounding box as animation condition you can make sure that only the gate closest to your aircraft starts animating.

If you have multiple gates in one GMax scene, then they will all move at the same time.