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FS2004 Can't make SCASM lights work at all

Hi guys,

Can someone please help me before I lose whats left of my hair !

I have spent all day trying to make SCASM runway lights work and it just refuses to do so. I can see faint lights in the distance but when I move closer to them they disappear - also they are not visible from spot view at all.

This is what Airport spat out as the base SCASM code:
;  SCASM file generated by Airport Freeware Version 3.0 Build 192 for FS 2000
; EGTE.SCA  22 August 2011  -  14:10:45
;  MagVar = 0

Set(  FSVERS 0x700 ) 

Header(       1     50.86292   50.61292   3.53397   3.28397   )

LatRange(     50.61292   50.86292   )

Copyright( " [Freeware Version 3.0 Build 192]" )

; FS2000 runway  08
; [using newer SCASM Runway command for FS2K & beyond]

Area( 5  50:44.27  003:24.538  30 )
    Smoothing ( 1 ) 
    Runway(   50:44.27 003:24.538 
      Altitude    32
      Heading     79
      Length      6834
      Width       151
      Id          08
      Surface     -1
      Markers     0
      THRESHOLD    0
      Lights      3
      ThrLightsN  01
      VasiBarsN   8
      VasiSlopeN  3
      VasiSpaceN  1368
      VasiDistN   1437
      VasiSideN   L92
      ThrLightsF  01
      VasiBarsF   8
      VasiSlopeF  3.5
      VasiSpaceF  1368
      VasiDistF   1184
      VasiSideF   L92
      AprLN       9
      AprLF       10
    Smoothing ( 0 ) 

This didn't work.
So I tried to apply my info on the code that works that Arno posted here in the forum:
Header( 0  51.00 50.00 04.00 03.00 )
LatRange(  50.00 51.00 )

Area( 5 50:44.27  003:24.538 12 )
LayerCall( :drawStuff 28 ) ; main call, let's draw stuff
Jump32( : ) ; finished now, get outta here

Runway( 50:44.27 003:24.538
Alt 32.0 ; in meters
Heading 079.0
Length 6834 ; in feet
Width 151 ; in feet
Markers 0
Lights 3
Surface -1
Threshold 0
ThrOffN 0
ThrOffF 1427
ExtN 0
ExtF 0
ThrLightsN 01
AprLN 9
VasiBarsN 8
VasiSpaceN 1368
VasiDistN 1437
VasiSideN L92
VasiSlopeN 3.0
ThrLightsF 01
AprLF 10
VasiBarsF 8
VasiSpaceF 1368
VasiDistF 1184
VasiSideF L92
VasiSlopeF 3.5

This doesn't work either.

Can anyone please help me to get this working in FS9, I would be so grateful !

OK so this is really odd. The lights are there. When I slew far away from the runway the lights appear even in spot plane view, but only if I am at ground level. As soon as I move closer to the lights they fade out then disappear. Does anyone have any ideas on what's wrong?
Thank you
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Apparently this problem is caused by the designer being a moron and thinking -3 Latitude is East instead of West.

The fix for this issue is for the designer to stop being a moron.

I feel so dumb.


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Welcome to the club :). We have all made that mistake once.


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You folks probably aren't familiar with the "Easy Button" from the Staples (office supply store) commercial, but...

...I have a similar big red button on my desk that, when pressed, plays a recording:

"Moron Alert - Moron Alert - Moron Alert"
I find myself hitting that button several times almost every day! :banghead: