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Can't see the terrain in P3D

I am using the FSX KML tool and following the directions. It created a .bgl, .xml and the run_sdk_tools.bat file in my add on scenery folder but when I run P3D I do not see the scenery. I tried two different airport locations with no success. Is there something that I am missing?

Help us help you better by telling us what type of scenery you are trying to create- and display- in P3D ...using FSX-KML. :scratchch

Also, be aware the FS / P3D will only detect and load BGLs inside an 'active' \Scenery sub-folder area layer in the FS / P3D scenery library ;)

Gary, good morning. I am creating scenery using ADE. I have already created the airport and some custom objects and all that is displaying correctly in P3D. Now I would like to do some work on the surrounding terrain. I am placing the FSX-KML generated files in the same directory that my airport is in so I know it is an active scenery folder, its just that no changes to the terrain around the airport are appearing.
OK, so what type of scenery work are you doing on the surrounding terrain: o_O

* CVX vector sloped flatten terrain skirt surrounding the 'central' airport ("flat") flatten ?

* CVX vector roads, railroads, streams, rivers, utility corridors etc. ?

* CVX vector textured land class poly-lines / polygons ?

* CVX vector excludes ?

...Or are the scenery objects BGLComp XML -type ? :scratchch

As you can see, the list of (possible, and still un-defined) things you may be trying to create- and display- in P3D ...using FSX-KML is LARGE ! :)

PS: Also, please tell us which numeric version of P3D you are using (ex: 1.4x, 2.x, 3.x ) and whether you have configured ADE to use the specific version of the P3D SDK required to compile scenery content into BGLs in the proper format intended for display in your version of P3D. ;)

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Gary, I am not sure I am knowledgeable enough about the product an answer that. I am just trying to create the area surrounding an airport. I am just looking to create the terrain, not the roads, streams, etc. I am using P3D 3.3. I am using the correct version of the SDK and have ADE configured correctly.
All right then, perhaps we can try to better discern the type of "terrain" scenery you are trying to create surrounding the airport. :)

Are you presently satisfied with the "shape" of the ground, and primarily want to change the type of 'texture' images draped onto the ground ?

If so, do you want aerial photography (aka "photo-real"), or FS' own default terrain textures (aka "land class") ...draped onto the ground ?

PS: Would you tell us which airport ICAO this project involves, or is it instead a 'fictional' airport ?

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I just want to change the texture image. I would like to take a satellite image and use that in place of the default land class stuff. I don't want to do a huge area, probably just within a mile or two of the actual airport environment to include the areas around the runway, taxiways, etc. KGNF is the airport that I am using for testing.
KGNF would indeed be a very good airport for testing and learning, as you have some excellent quality aerial imagery available there in Google Earth / Google maps ...which happens to have been captured during this same Fall season of the year. :cool:

Assuming you were going to use that aerial imagery only for your own personal purposes, and did not intend to distribute it publicly, you could easily make this in SBuilderX. :idea:

The resulting custom photo real aerial imagery BGL when compiled, would be roughly 270 MB if it utilized the available zoom-level 18 which is the equivalent of 15 cm per pixel resolution (high quality).

Interestingly, it appears that the available aerial imagery for that particular airport area is actually capable of supporting 7.5 cm per pixel, unlike other areas in Google Earth / Google maps wherein the usual optical maximum zoom-level 18 aerial imagery has been digitally magnified to a artificial zoom-level of 19; so if you wanted to, you could actually make the aerial imagery at an even higher resolution than the zoom-level 18 ...which I utilized to test that area. ;)


Once the custom photo-real aerial imagery BGL has been created using SBuilderX, that file can be opened using P3Dv3.x Autogen SDK Annotator to manually add Autogen object placements.

Alternatively, you could utilize ScenProc to scan and detect vegetation and buildings from geo-referenced copies of the aerial imagery for your project area to create Autogen annotations semi-automatically.

Additional steps can be taken using SBuilderX and a graphics application to implement various masks to blend the custom photo-real aerial imagery into the surrounding default land class textures, and also to precisely define the Grenada Lake and Turkey Creek water bodies nearby.

There are a number of detailed and relatively easy to follow tutorials available here at FS developer and at other FS-related websites to guide you through this process; if you are genuinely interested in pursuing this project, feel free to inquire further here in this thread. :)



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Thanks for the great info. I downloaded SBuilderX a week or so ago but haven't been able to use it yet. I run P3D and it can't find the "FSX" path even though I point it to P3D. I just haven't had much time to troubleshoot that yet.