Can't seem to add conditions any more?

Well I am confused. I used your applet several months ago with simple ease and success but now I cannot get it to work for the life of me.

I d/l your self installer .exe onto my laptop. Opens fine. for testing I decompiled a bgl file ( using bglxml), to reduce the visibility of one of the .mdls. The bgl had several mdls, but I select one and can see it in your viewfinder. I select Add Object Condition and select Between 0 and 100. I chose new condition and then Apply To Object. Pretty straightforward.

I recompile and put back into FS9. The object never disappears???? What am I doing wrong?

Version 2.0.266

Can I only have one mdl in the bgl?
After I make a change should the time or date stamp update?



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Did you save the MDL after applying the condition? Else the changes would not be stored on disk.

No, you can have as many MDL files in a BGL as you wish.