FSX Capital Region/Lansing

2018-05-17 13_27_30-Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D® v4.png

Hello everyone,

Today I'm sharing a preview of Lansing, it's at a very early stage, although I have the ground poly in position with all markings - I have modelled and applied basic base textures to the terminal using new methods (local texture sheets to avoid having many _S & _B textures....all similar materials are on their own sheet

I intend this to work across FSX, P3D V3 and P3D V4 - I will of course be applying V4 features as well as a lot of SODE controlled objects and animations.

(my facebook page and website may get updated more frequently than this post)

We are re-launching, I need as much moral support to get the ball rolling again

Until next time...
2018-05-21 13_26_50-Microsoft Flight Simulator X.png

Small update of what's been happening over the weekend....

I've updated the markings on the main apron so they now match up to current markings at Lansing which seem to of recently been improved in the real world!
We have started to add in the lighting masts around the airport - bear in mind these and most objects at Lansing are untextured until the full library objects of the various lighting types are added.
Lastly - we have added in the models of the general aviation hangars to the west of the terminal.

These previews does not represent final quality when the product is released - most textures and objects are place holders - quality and detail is assured to improve through-out development but it's also important to note that it is still "early game"

LAN V4.jpg

JPEG Doesn't do any justice here but latest previews....

Work has taken place mostly on the ground poly, a lot of textures have been changed or enhanced, as well as 2 more textures to add to the variation. We did begin to add P3D V4 specific z-biasing for the ground poly but this was before we changed a lot of it, so the P3D screen is only using a normal FSX GP - I am currently working on exporting the P3D4 specific GPoly as I write this.

Photoscenery now includes a watermask to cater for the various streams sitting within the airport as well as a pond/lake or 2.

Lastly and most importantly - Capital Region is now an Aerosoft product, all future major updates will be posted on their forum, I will share the link with you all when it's open - however, I will still able to show small WIP pictures here and on my facebook page.
Aerosoft will no longer hold publishing rights to Lansing.

Lansing, upon release, will now be sold exclusively by our self and possibly other vendors.

We are unable to go into reasons as to why Aerosoft no longer wanted rights to Lansing, though we can assure you that it's not due to the product lacking quality.

Best Regards
Just one image showing off the recently added SODE jetways!

There is one more jetway to add but that's an entirely different model...
Users will have CTRL+J and SODE jetway options!

2018-07-01 04_00_21-Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D® v4.jpg

More of a close up of the reworked jetways (pivot points) - all jetways are now fully operational by SODE - I will be doing the CTRL+J as well as a static varient so you all have options to make you happy!

Also started placing in some 3d grass models - though I think a material setting adjustment is needed as it's not quite displaying what it should be (Alpha Test issue)

The ground was reverted back to normal FSX style as more details are added - though we are 85% happy with the ground detail - once we are 100% we will convert to take advantage of the P3DV4 goodness!

All the best...
For those wondering why exactly Lansing will no longer be acquired by Aerosoft...

Aerosoft seen potential in the quality of Lansing, and potential in myself as a developer - especially considering I am no stranger to Aerosoft as I developed Aerosoft Sacramento and Newcastle.

The deal we had with Aerosoft was cancelled at the very last moment by William Lennox himself.
In the UK, we are not legally obliged to apply for VAT until we earn X amount of taxable income - being our first year in business, we are far away from this threshold and therefore need not apply for VAT.

However, Aerosoft technically demanded I had to have this number on our invoice - however, after briefly explaining the laws about it to William, I was instructed to add a note to my invoice stating that we do not yet qualify for VAT - this was the third invoice I created in order to please the accountants at Aerosoft - I personally asked William to check this before it was sent, to prevent any more delays (this process took a total of 3 weeks!). William then assured me that the invoice is good to be processed and that payment will be sent the next day.

The next day came, instead of being notified payment is on it's way - I was instead notified that the accountants "had trouble processing my invoice" because I had stated that they are doing business with "Aviasim Designs Limited" but must make payments to my personal account as my business account was still limited (being newly opened).

For a well established team such as Aerosoft, we were infuriated by how they could possibly let something seemingly so simple and take no more than a week...to then somehow manage to drag it out over a 3 week period with our invoice being sent back to us multiple times for correction. We then bombarded Aerosoft with information regarding UK VAT laws and why we were unable to process any payment to our business account at that moment in time.

However, William responded stating that the agreement is cancelled because they "can´t see how we can start up a respectful co-operation and partnership following your reactions."

Dear Aerosoft, perhaps take the time to study VAT laws a bit more carefully, especially when dealing with a new company - surprisingly, a company no more than 3 months old will not have half of the resources and business credentials as you do and therefore, please realise for the next time, that a lot of what you were demanding is simply NOT APPLICABLE.
Wow. I hope you can consider this airport for FS2004 users? Would be nice to see some more regional airports in the US for FS9. Nontheless looks great!!!
Wow. I hope you can consider this airport for FS2004 users? Would be nice to see some more regional airports in the US for FS9. Nontheless looks great!!!

I doubt it - Lansing utilises a lot of FSX and P3D native features to make it look the way it does now, for example, SODE jetways, Speedtree, Dynamic lighting, ground poly decals and specular and bump mapping to a lot of textures.

In other words, to make it compatible for FS9 I will need to remove all the features that make it look good... = entirely different product
FS2004 should probably be dead by now... P3D is the new FS2004... FSX will die too.. in quite some time i guess...

I agree with that.

To be honest, Lansing will be the last airport we do that is native to FSX and P3D - all of our future developments will be primarily developed for P3D and an FSX version may follow some time after but we will not be doing both versions side by side as it takes up too much time.

Some developers have already took the steps to completely forget about FSX - we won't be doing that just yet, maybe next year.
By any chance are you able to preview your GP in 3dsmax / gmax whatever you use how the polygons look like and how placed the effects on top of it ?
Yeah sure, here you go

View attachment 43692

It is still in progress as I need to add more decals for things such as cracks, dirt, manholes etc...most of those details are around the terminal area at the moment.
Great , thank you looks goood . and for the skid , noise and other effects on top of runwaay , do you use aanother BGL for Flight sim or do you convert the poly with the effects in one bgl file ?