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I am creating a scenery and i would add cars (vehicles) MOVING aruond the airport ... I usually create my object with sketchup, i added animation to my cars with Fredo6-Animator but when i export to mcx, the animation does not export whit my model ... Can you tell me how a should add any animation to my objets ?


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Animations can be stored in different ways in the COLLADA format. I have just released an update of MCX a few days ago that included an updated COLLADA reader with more support for animations. You might want to try again to see if that helps.


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Hi, you do not say which version of the simulator you are using. FSX vehicle traffic functions similarly in P3D, so I'll refer to that.
Sketchup does not create key frame animations, nor is it capable of supporting motion capture. These are the types of animation that FSX will display. Sketchup animations are created using sequential camera views. This is adequate for representing a rotating automobile on a stage, showcasing one's model, but it is not suitable for modelling a rotating windmill. There is provision for composition, one can open doors, hood and trunk between screen captures, so presumably one could work out a scene where the camera remains motionless and the windmill changes position - however, the software may register no net change whatsoever, if there is no change in camera position. It would seem highly contrived to continually change camera views to simulate the path of a single AI vehicle - and you want a highway.
To create FSX animations using Sketchup, one must export the model to the relevant format, then use FSX compatible software to perform the animations and record the positional data into the compiled model.

If it is simply cars you want, you could easily activate and set paths for default vehicle traffic.

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У меня есть несколько вопросов, касающихся анимации автомобиля.
Сохраняется ли созданная в Sketchup анимация с помощью плагина "fredo6-animator". Я создаю путь к Sketchup, машина движется по созданному пути. В каком формате вам нужно экспортировать файл, чтобы сохранить анимацию. Применяется ли созданная в Sketchup анимация для работы в MCX?

Второй вопрос касается создания анимации в MCX.
Двигаясь по прямой, я отлично себя чувствую. Машина движется по созданному пути из точки А в точку Б.
В точке B мне нужно повернуть кузов автомобиля, чтобы задать ему новый путь из точки B в следующую точку.
В конце вам нужно развернуть его и вернуться назад.
Можно ли сделать это, используя только MCX?

Если возможно, прошу вашей помощи о том, как этого добиться!


Yes thank you!

Regarding my second question, do you have an answer?
Can I rotate an object while moving by creating an animation in modelconverterx, not the path itself, but the car body and return it to the starting point?


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That tool edits animations only. You need to first create an animation sequence using key frame animation software that looks largely like video editing software and differs from Sketchup mainly in it's ability to export to the simulator compatible .x file, or .mdl file format. You could also use skinned bones animation, for which there is no relative allegory in Sketchup.
What software with the exception of 3d max can you recommend, which would help solve the problem of creating animations?