CAT and FsRegen


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Note: This sticky is only important if you are using CAT with source code generated with the Fs2002 gamepack.

It is possible to add your CAT animations to an object library with FsRegen, but you need to do some extra steps. These are:

  1. Process the animation with CAT
  2. Add your new file to the library with FsRegen
  3. Save your library ASM file from FsRegen
  4. Run CAT again on the same file with the same output file
  5. Manually compile the library ASM file

These additional steps are needed because FsRegen changes part of the ASM file when including it to the library. This means that files with animation will return errors after compiling. If you re-run CAT again the changes made by FsRegen will be undone and the object library compiles correct.
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