FSXA cat animation won't work


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Arno, back from vacation and I believe hundreds of requests await your response. Sorry to add yet another. ;)

I've exported an animated object from 3ds max (FSX X file), converted it with MCX (the animation shows in both files, it also shows in FSX when I use the FS9 mdl), but as soon as I run it through cat the animation won't show up.

It's been some time since I last uset cat, but as far as I remember there's no limitation to use cat tweaked mdls in FSX Acceleration, is there?

I used the values you use in the cat manual (1200h NAV1 frequency), but no matter what frequency I dial in FSX, the animation won't play.

Any ideas?

I'll attach the files if you want to take a look at them.



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Hi Thorsten,

I don't see the animation trigger in the ASM anywhere. So that is why nothing happens.

I think this is because CAT is kind of picky on the label names, it uses that to identify where to put the trigger. For GMax and FSDS this works, but MCX seems to create slightly different code.

I would try to renname this label in the orignal ASM

_MCX_temp_NonAlpha label BGLCODE
To something like this:

_MCX_temp_NonAlpha_MasterScale_1 label BGLCODE