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CAT Not Animating My Doors

Just recently I gave Arno's CAT tool a try. I was attempting to make my animated hangar door (Object created in FSDS3) swing open when you tune 110.5 in to your NAV1 frequency.
So, with my first try, I tried enabling animation condition and setting the variable to NAV1, then min value= 1105h and max value=1105h. Then I moved on to the second page and set it exactly the same. With no second variable, I moved on to compiling. I opened up _temp.asm from FSDS folder and then compiled it to _temp_cat.mdl. I then placed it in FS with EZ-Scenery, and after restarting I slewed up next to it. After tuning my NAV1 frequency (And activating NAV1 on the audio panel) nothing happened.
so, I then tried it without using the first page of CAT (the "Enable anim. condition" part) and skipped to the next page and filled it out the same.
Same thing, nothing happened.

Could anyone help me out here?
Ok, I am on my 5th try with this.
For the animation condition in my 5th try, I set it to Distance to RefPoint. Then, the second page (Animation trigger) I set it to NAV 1 and 1105h (To equal 110.50 on the nav 1 radio). Then, I got right up next to my object and tuned in NAV1, no joy.

What's happening here? The video tutorial makes it look easy but this is definitely not easy!

1105h means 111.05, not 110.50. You would have to use 1050h. I guess that is the problem here.
Alright I dialed in 111.05 in my NAV1 radio and walla, it popped open.
Then, I tried it again after reloading the simulator and it didn't work. This was after I placed an effect on the building (Just a smoke effect).
So now I am guessing it just decided to quit working for good, because if it worked before now there's no explanation. Blahhh:eek:
Adding an effect should not really matter. But sometimes it can take some time before the animation starts. Did you wait some time to see if it would still start? Depending on the length of your animation it can take up to 55 seconds.
it can take up to 55 seconds

Yip..Thats what makes it more realistic,,Just pretend you are madly clicking your remote control to your hangar door..nothing happens!..you point it at all directions and still nothing..then opps..the batteries are dead...By the time you scramble up some new batteries and as you are taking the old ones out..Up comes your hangar door..and you are left with your new batteries still in hand..wondering how that happened!!:D :D
Ok, I took off the distance to ref variable and tested it out. Now it works fine...whew. Glad that's over with, though it may decide to come back and haunt me..:)stirthepo )

Thanks for the help Arno,