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CAT Question Unresolved

A project required the use of Cat 1.2 with bugfix installed for animating a set
of sliding doors produced in 3DS8 and while i can trigger the animation on
nav1 using the " Enable Animation Condition " window where it repeats ,
it will not animate using the " Enable Animation Trigger window where the
foreward reverse cycle desired is set .
Any version of the tweaked model not using the first window does not seem to work , and a full day of doing every varient possible has left me to ask if
you could look over this the last (of many ) asm files tested .. thanks CJ

Also worth a mention is not seeing over 100 frames of animation in one or two test versions that had 1000 frames although the raw model shows
them in FS


  • tk3.asm
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  • tk3_0.asm
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I had a look at the source code and the problem is that the animation trigger code is not written. This is caused by the fact that for some reason the label names in your ASM file are completely different from the ones I have seen before (and therefore the correct piece is not recognised). Without this trigger code, the animation does never happen indeed.

Which tools did you use the create the ASM code? I have tested CAT with GMax and FSDS3, but I have never seen this before.
Thanks for looking these over , produced with 3DS8 they were exported
as an x file with the panda module for compilation with the stock version of
Make Model running without parts.xml.... and perhaps that is the problem
I will add a virgin copy and see what happens ... if nothing else i can do the
animated conditionals with gmax ... not a major downgrade as there are no textures to render. Merci infinement CJ
I had a chance to recompile the model doors and they are still a dud
and so shall be done in Gmax , but the conditional display using a bounding
box works fine on an animation that one wants to repeat .
In this case i have modeled a StarWars AT-AT walker as an aircraft and was
in need of a complementary scenery of the ice planet Hoth where these
machines attack the rebel base .
Your tool was used to trigger the rapid firing of these laser cannons in a
45 degree arc if one gets within 1000m , and for that i am grateful .

P.S this is the last of a series of pics that can be followed by subtracting
1 IE /wlk26.jpg/wlk25.jpg/ and so on
OK. Maybe if you can provide me with some other example ASM code that show how animations are stored in the ASM code when exported from 3DS, I can make CAT compatible with that as well. But from the single ASM file I have seen so far, I can't see the naming logic yet.
Thanks again , i include two examples one that works and one that is a dud,
i also burnt a Gmax model of a set of doors this morning and they did not
work... provides a clue that perhaps CAT is not at fault and my export/compile
is setup at fault CJ


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