CAT Question

I have been working on a series of lighthouses along the shores of the Great Lakes, primarily in the State of Michigan.

I think I know the answer to this one but it sure would be nice if I were wrong. Does anyone know of a way to trigger a WAV file using CAT?

I would love to trigger a fog horn at the lighthouses. I figure about 200 db might wake up a chopper pilot or two....

One better (for the next version Arno) would be to trigger when the visability was restricted. :stirthepo


Al FR-153


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Hi Al,

I think sound can only be attached to effect files and these can not be triggered with CAT (also not with the Fs2004 version), because the attached effects just don't respond to them.

Maybe you can do something with the effect code itself, but I am not an expert in that.

I am not sure if there is a variable for visibility distance, but if there is you can of course use that in CAT to trigger something.


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If I´m not all mistaken, adding a sound effect is mentioned in the Effects SDK itself. It does not say much, but it is do-able.