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FS2004 CAT Question

Hi there,

I succeeded to create a 600 frame - path constraint animation in gmax. I did not check the "loop" option, because I want to play one time. I made a NAV2 animation trigger with CAT software to start the animation.

My problem is the following: The animation starts after the proper NAV2 freq. is selected, but the animated object is looping.

I want to start the animation with the NAV2, and stop at the endpoint. What should I do? (My path constraint not endclosed, just a simple straight line.)

These are my source files. Can anybody check it what's wrong? Why is it loops forever? The airport is LHNY.



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Hi Arno,

I have a post in the forum about my CAT problem. My full story of my project is the following:

I tried the Eaglesoft Cessna Citation X 2.0. There is some airport (I think 5 airports), where there is an animation. The aircraft stop. Nav2 frequency is 117,50, and 3 cars comes close to the aircraft and stop until the freq is 117,50. When the freq is changing, the cars go away, but no on the reverse path. This is my idea to make sg. like this on any airport - in my project at LHNY.

Can You help with this?

I was away traveling for my work the last days, but good to see you solved it already.
Hi Arno,

Yes, I managed to do to stop the animation loop. But I didn't manage to do the to continue the animation to an another path, just reverse - after I switch off from NAV2 112.00 MHz.

What Should I do for continuing the animation, not reverse after switching the NAV freq to other MHz?


CAT only supports playing the reverse animation when the trigger is no longer valid.

If you want a different animation to be shown in that case, the only solution is to manually tweak the ASM code.

I didn't manage to do manually...

I attach my train of thought on a picture.

Help me please.

Thanks so much.


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That kind of animation with a stop is for sure not supported by CAT. technically it should be possible to make it, although I never tried it. It would for sure be quite advanced asm tweaking to get that right.