CAT v0.81 feedback

Great Arno!

Thanks for your expertise in this FS conditional animation nightmare! Looking forward to your v1.0 for fs2004 gamepack!
I wished I once could make FS tools too... :rolleyes:

Oh yes, just one question: Is it possible to add one more variable? the ADF Freq!! It's not often used like NAV2, which is the main argument for me to use it for animation control. Just think of this: Rolling towards the gate, setting the ADF to 320.00 for an Airbus A320, or 747 for the Queen of the skies, 777...etc! So the correct jetway animation will be started when you arrive parking postion.
Sounds more logical to me than tuning some NAV2 freq. :teacher:

That would be the neat!

New CAT Version

Just wanted to thank you ARNO for your new CAT Version. My ten hangar doors work like a charm now. Please keep up the good work. I don't know where guys like me would be without the great work from fellows like you. The Scenery Design hobby would not be the same without you. :) :)

Al Gay