FS2004 caution other traffic


Resource contributor
We'd have to see the layout of the entire airport, focusing on the area where your plane gets trapped.

Are you waiting to take the runway at that point? If so, you need a hold short node there.
Hi Tom, in between I had some tests with the ADE file.
I want to get the AI aircrafts to "drive throu" their parkings (I read Drive-Through Parking Tutorial from Don) and I have some succsess.
I will come back with changed layouts. Now there is no ATC stop any more. I have to get some okays from the ADE creator before showing the layout.
The problem was not at the "hold short range", but some hundred meters before.
Thanks for your help, I am sure I will need it soon again
In the end it was my user aircraft which was "other traffic"...
I had a clearance to taxi to the runway at this moment, but I did not move.
Shame on me. :oops: