P3D v3 Cessna T206H Soloy Mark 2

Hi Thomas

She is a very good looking girl. I really liked the way you've done all texture work.

Amazing job my friend; keep it up!
All the best,
Yes Marc, project is still running. Some weeks ago I did a fictive Guardrail-Trainer concept with Garmin 1000 displays, based on the Mark 2 - but I decided to stop this side project due the lack of a modern glasscockpit as freeware. And it is makes no sense to use a single engine aircraft for this special role...

Amazing quality!!! I would humbly request a water-ski version as well for bush flying in Pacific West area (coupled with amazing RTMM water-based sceneries).

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Yes Mark, all models are finished, but I have one bigger turboprop engine issue open, that should be solved next to the airfile (not a big deal)

Mark 2 Tundra with selectable cargo pod

MK2 Amphibium with observer window

MK2 Para with bigger wheeks

But before publishing Mark 2 there will be Mark 1 V3 first. With this bird I have the same issue.

Mark 1 Custom with cargo pod

MK1 with completly new floats. They have now right dimensions.