FSX Cessna U206G Soloy Turbine Pac Mark I + II

I am currently working on a rare Cessna 206 conversation. It will be a fully new model, first native FSX. Exterior models of Mark I are nealy finished. I try to cover turbine behavior of 418 SHP Allison 250-C20S Turboshaft of Mark I as real as possible. VC and cabin working are the next steps.

3-blade propeller

5-blade propeller

Mark II Conversion with 450 SHP Rolls-Royce 250B17F (new models) will follow. Work will be freeware.

Thank you all. This is my very first native FSX plane model. I thought it is a nice project to start - but real-life adapting of the engine handling is a big challenge to me. But we will see...

These birds are really rare. Only ~100 of Mark I´s are build. So, if you have unpublished photos of panels/cabins (both Mark I+II), you are very welcome.

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Wow, this looks great!

I look forward to flying that float version.

Wow, that thing has one massive engine! Looks great!
The turbine weighs about 350 pounds less than the piston engine it replaces.

To keep the CoG in place the lighter engine has to be moved forward. Most of that nose cowling is probably empty.

Lane is right. Thank you for Information.

This will be the VC panels of Mark I + II (Wheels). Mark I will get a fuel cutting switch. The photos are showing a panel configuration of a current operating Mark II for Skydivers in Germany. Advantage for me, the late Mark I has similar panel configs. The float versions will get their special gear gauge. Most of avionics will be 3D.

Oh my, that is gorgeous! The FS world has been long in need of a Soloy conversion Cessna. Great work so far - can't wait to fly this one in the sim!