FS2004 CFG adjustments?

When I rev the engine on the ground, the tailwheel lifts vertically. When I relax the throttle, the tailwheel rests properly. Does anyone know what to adjust to keep the tailwheel down?
Also when I brake the plane front flips. I'd like to know what is adjusted there as well.



Roy Holmes

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It is a question of where your CG is with respect to the main wheel contact points. When you rev the engine the thrust is turning the airplane nose down because the thrust line is above the wheels. When you brake, the reaction is below the CG and that also tips it up. You can fix that to some extent with the scalar for brakes in the config file.

Best thing would be to move the CG aft a bit at a time until it stops. The CG must be behind the main wheel contact points.

Had the same braking problem with a couple of tail draggers and reducing the power of the brakes fixed it. After all, a taildragger does not need much brake power.

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Thanks Roy. In a somewhat related question, perhaps you could advise. The compression ratio and the dampening ratio. They are directly related to the COG and the static pitch. If one or more of these are off, the aircraft is quite "restless" on the ground. Shaking, bouncing, flipping, sparks, smoke etc. I have it somewhat under control now after studying other cfgs to see how they are set. However there are a couple of entries I need to fine tune to prevent the following. Could you advise which sections to pay attention to?

On the ground - shaking from side to side

- the tail seems to float, not a solid placement on the tarmac. The wheel touches the tarmac proper, but the whole tail seems to be "float" with vertical movement.

Also, once these numbers are defined in the cfg, is the standard procedure to enter these values in the air file? Or is the airfile defined automatically by the cfg parameters?