FS2004 Change add-on airport and retain original Texture

have downloaded add-on airport. Looks great but no AI.
I opened the airport from bgl and added the necessary links, start locations, holds … and so on to make the airport available for AI.
After the compile and after I removed the original airport bgl the AI operates great.
BUT. The buildings, which showed in ADE as black disappeared (explanation note during compile). This is all understood.
My Q is, is there any way to adjust the ad-on airport (in my case for AI) and retain the original (duplication textures, which came with the download?
Leave the original airport bgl together with my compile is probably not a solution?
Any help much appreciated.


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First, you could try to leave the original BGL file(s) in place. Then put your modified ADE BGL file(s) into a separate folder (inside a scenery subfolder), layered above the original airport in the Scenery Library.

Hard drive:

Original Scenery Folder Name
Your Scenery Folder Name
....texture (if needed)

Scenery Library:
Your Scenery Layer Name
Original Scenery Layer Name

Hope this helps,
out of interest, how many files were contained in the download?
If more than one, were there _OBJ or _CVX files and/or was there a LIB file?
Could you see the buildings in FS2004 before you made your changes?
Strange to hear of a download file that needed the sort of work that you described to enable AI activities.
Hi Raymk,
The download has four bgls in scenery and 97 files in texture. It was the recent EFKS Kuusamo - Avsim https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=208683, download.

First bgl is the airport - EFKS_ADE9_SLI2019. And the note from the designer states that AI is not possible (off course since there are missing links). Before I made changes the buildings and other scenery (deicers and extra lights) were visible.
To enable AI, I changed the original airport file EFKS_ADE9_SLI2019, installed links from the gates to the runway, hold ons, start locations and all there is necessary, and compiled it to the scenery folder replacing EFKS_ADE9_SLI2019. After this AI operated perfect BUT the scenery, which was apparently contained in the original airport bgl EFKS_ADE9_SLI2019 (which I replaced) disappeared. Makes sense.

Then Tom came with the suggestion to leave the original downloaded airport bgl where it is and then put my modified ADE BGL file (with links for AI) into a separate folder (inside a scenery subfolder), layered above the original airport in the Scenery Library and obviously activate it-(see Toms note above) and all is great. Got the buildings and also AI operating.

Incidentally the same story goes for EFKT Kittila download https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=208555. also no AI in download and I have fixed it using Tom's suggestion.


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Glad it's working. To be honest there are more elegant solutions, but this is the easiest one. :)
Hello Peter, would it be possible for you to share your fixed scenery files to enable AI? I really would love to use the Bahrain Scenery with AI.