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Change cowl shape in Xcub/SuperCub -- MSFS

Please pardon my neophyte questions, but I am hoping to get an answer here. I am creating a video for a noted pilots Celebration of Life, and I would like to include at the end a clip of his Supercub on floats flying down the Columbia River Gorge into the sunset (ala this) -- with the hymn "Going Home" as background music. I'm using a Supercub on floats livery of the Xcub in MSFS that a person made a few years back, but is unable to help me beyond adding the floats for me. I have managed to change the N-number and a few other .DDS cosmetics. I would like to make the cowl of this livery look more like a Supercub (remove engine bump and louvers). Is this something I might manage to do with my limited graphics knowledge, or does it require a major effort using something like Blender, and a bunch of knowledge about the SDK? I am attached a picture of the plane I am trying to emulate in MSFS, and the MSFS livery showing the cowl bump and louvers. Thanks for whatever help you can provide.

Something like this?


This scenery object was modeled to exactly represent the aircraft you're referring to. The floats were taken from the X-Cub and you can just see the tips of the wheel mounts the real aircraft doesn't have. MSFS still has the parked plane shadow in the marina and I watched it, or an airplane just like it take off last week as I crossed the Hood River bridge.

Hood River Marina.png

You can modify it for your production. It should be no problem for your friend to move the necessary animated bits and pieces from X-Cub to this, probably even swap the cockpit.


The plane you saw taking off last week was N3898Z owned by Tom Murphy who recently passed away and it's for his Celebration of Life that I am making the videos for. It was being brought up to the airport for it's annual. I have a short video of it landing in wet grass at HR airport on it's floats. They do that here. They take off using a dolly under the floats that drops off. If you'd like to see the video send me an email at royp4674@gmail.com and I will send it to you via email. A good friend of Tom's will be taking me for a ride in N3898Z. Getting back to the project, I will be using your Gorge and Marina scenery in the video. You are welcome to come to the COL at WAAAM at 1:30pm on June 22nd to see what I come up with. Here are some videos I've created with MSFS flying in the area. These were before I knew about your Gorge scenery. I have several more featuring WAAAM planes coming up. Your SuperCub on floats is exactly what I have been looking for. You did a great job on it! You are a talented artist! Too bad it isn't a livery I can use for flying! :eek:)

p.s. The person who put the floats on this livery (images here are incorrect - it's the Savage* version) is an extremely busy working person and can't assist me further. So currently I am not working with anybody. That's why I posted here soliciting help. If changing the cowl is relatively easy -- point me in the right direction. Otherwise volunteer to do it for me?? :eek:)

* I can't use the Savage version as there are no floats for it, and the wingspan is 5 ft. shorter than a Supercub.
Ok well here's what I got so far. For some reason all three prop states show and it's probably something obvious, but it escapes me. Also the wakes are a bit reluctant and it's probably a contact point issue but it took me forever to realize to just lift them from the X-Cub, just to get it to float so after that I was afraid to touch them. I've sent it along, if I make any significant changes I'll update you.

River Cub.png