Changing the active runway

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First a hello from Germany!

I have the same question and I don't think it's worth a "doh":

If wind is calm, as far as I know every airport has it's "favourite" active runways for landing and departing.
As we do have in Hamburg EDDH. If the wind is under 5 knots, the active for departing is 33 and for landing 23.

In FSX with no wind, I always have to taxi to the 05. It is a very long way to taxi. Since I have the MyTrafficX, the default runway is set to the 15! That is equal bad, because it is nearly the same far as the 05.

In ADE I found a setting like "active for landing" and "active for departure" or something like that. But that did not work :( Anyways - I don't want to block a runway for departure - maybe some day there is a wind out of that direction, in that case, I would want to start over there, but not in the default!).

Does anybody know if there is a way to set a starting and landing favourite?
Thanks in advance and sorry for this long post..

Runway selection is based on a scoring system in FS9/FSX.

Winds carry a high score but there are also many other varibles that branch out. The fundamentals of a active tie back to what is the base end runway number.

Like George says, the winds is a big factor with the scoring process but if you would like to read about the work done so far in active runway selection then see the following post.
All this stuff about headings and aircraft weights is clouding the issue for me. Here's my particular problem (and I suspect Richard's boils down to this too):

I have a single runway, 08-26, 2000m x 45m. Prevailing winds are Westerly, and the airport operator has determined that 26 shall be active, unless tailwinds are greater than 4kts. However, FS determines that zero wind conditions will use 08. Now I could live with FS changing runway for an actual wind level, but zero winds must still have 26 as active. So how can I force FS into doing that?
Sorry guys but I have another Q

How do you change the "active".
In my case I want to change it from 03 to 21

You can change the primary runway in the AFCAD, this means that when there isn't wind the runway in use is 21. If there is lot of wind the ATC decide the runway in use.