P3D v4 Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport KCHA

Been quiet for a bit as real life has become more demanding. But, there still is some progress. This is the area just south of the main terminal. What remains is some detailing in terms of little chimneys and such. After this I'll likley head over to the Wilson Air Center, and I'll be continuing to finish the interior of the terminal.
So there is the chance of a developed interior terminal? That would be great!
Definitely! I reasoned that the windows are big and make it easy to look straight through the terminal, so it made sense to me to model it. At this point the building’s internal structure is essentially finished. The next step is adding the restrooms, bar, seats and various signs.
Been a while since I posted! I've been working on a bunch of different projects, all at the same time, so KCHA isn't going as fast as it otherwise would (I get bored easily...). That said, I completely reworked the otuside of the terminal and added a significant amount of detail, see below. While you wouldn't have been able to appreciate it easily, the changes are actually fairly dramatic as I have reworked the gate extensions and intergated them into the main concourse model. I have spent a lot of time on the interior as well, besides adding detail to the windows. Also started working on the jetway model, but this still needs alot of work. The aim is to make it a fully functional SODE model. The jetwya looks a little skinny still because it lack a lot of A/C equipment. For this I have been working on the Portable A/C GSE model, because they share parts, so it would be easier to make it for the GSE (based on actual schematics, hooray!) and then take the relevant parts and apply them to the jetway. Also added some floodlight models. Hope you like!

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