Christmas tree - Multiple condition

Hello Guys!

I need your help. We would like to add a christmas tree in our scenery which is their only the last days of the year and some in the first days and also it appears when the distance is less than 1000m. I'm using the mdltweaker but the model does not appear. I know that I should play with the 'and' 'or' option (in this case with the 'and') but I can not manage it :banghead:

What do I do wrong?

Here is a screenshot:

Thanks in advance!


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This should work fine, I only expect a problem when you try to add the first few days of the new year as well. That would need a mixed AND and OR condition, which is not something the MDL Tweaker supports. So that would only be possible with manual ASM tweaking.

But even with the conditions you show in the screenshot it does not appear at all?