Cleveland Hopkins International

In case anyone was wondering on what happened to the CLE scenery I was working on, here are some photos from the project:
Btw, the reason I have google drive links is because I can't seem to upload screenshots directly for some reason
Beta Testing (obviously free) is available on the website:
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Pretty much a ghost town now:-(
*cricket cricket cricket
In reality I've been a bit busy with CVG while I refresh my enthusiasm for CLE. I've also been very busy with school work and finals week is coming up so most likely I won't be able to touch CLE for a while.
Lil update: Cleveland Hopkins Concourse D (Update for the old model which lacks interior/details). Also there's this odd thing where as time goes on, your standards for scenery gets better and the time between development and release increases drastically to the point where you're worried that your scenery users are growing impatient with scenery updates for the bad scenery you released a long time ago.