FSX Clock and temperature Gauge.

Hi people,
I think it might be a silly question, and is not in the right place here in forum, but anyway it is gauges related as I think. So, has anyone tried to place the gauge in to the Scenery ? Actually i need this for a Clock tower that in real time shows Time and Temperature. :confused::confused::confused:


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AFAIK you cannot have gauges in scenery's due to the workflow on adding gauges.

You can of course make some 3D needles that show the time.
Temperature wise is a little more difficult, but not impossible (just not worth the time)
That is the trouble that the clock and temp. is electronic device rather mechanical. Sure needles are easier, just 12 hour long animation LOL. :D
Here is a long shot. You create a clock as AI traffic that just is parked. And it will have a working 3D parts for the clock.:wizard: