FS2004 Closed Airport

If you did not compile the BGL file direction to Addon Scenery/scenery, you need to find it and paste it into there.
Thanks so lot . I have done what you have said. In nothing Addon Scenery or others found the FS2004 a .bgl file.
I will think about do buy the FSX only for countruct my airfields for the fs2004 - because in fukture you cant find any more new files for this flight simulator.
Happy landings ffor you and GOD speed !
Neil Armstrong ( you see him on my picture) said when Houston give him the clear for take of from the moon : "yes I understand - I am the number one on the runway !"
read you again !! Bernd
Now my closed airport is reactiv. The problem was : the program didn't find the under programs like "fsuipc4 / fsuipc5" !! I found it myselve ...