FSX Closed Runway Still Appearing in ATC - sort of

Good afternoon,

I've been trying to close a runway at PADK as it is no longer in operation. I have clicked on the runway I wanted to close and under PATTERN, selected NO for takeoff and landing. I did this for both primary and secondary. Under MARKINGS I selected Primary Closed and Secondary Closed. I have also removed the black taxi link that runs the centre line of the runway I wished to close.

There are two runways at PADK. - 36/18 and 23/05. 36/18 is the runway that should no longer be in use. When I go to select a runway for takeoff, I can only pick 36 or 18.

However, when I select runway 36 (#2), it looks like I am actually selecting runway 23

Any thoughts as to why 23 or 05 don't show up?




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Doing all you have done often does not close such runways if the wind favors them. The only way I know to reliably close a runway is to use the Jim Vile crosswind runway technique to make the two runways parallel and then close one. As for the runway switch using ATC, I have no idea.
the problem you are having is you are trying to close the only "Active" runway at that airport, and the FSX airport coding is not allowing you to this no matter what you try to do to that runway, it will be ignored as you are finding
the simple answer if you want 5/23 to be the active runway and 18/36 is now decommissioned is to delete runway 18/36 and everything associated with it including the starts and any navaids, etc.
this then makes 5/23 the only active runway at PADK,
but before you do that draw an asphalt apron around 18/36 so you can also use this apron as a taxiway if needed, so it looks like a runway was once there..............
now if you would like to keep the visual elements of runway 18/36 like the runway numbering, thresholds and any touchdown markings then you will have to do as Tom suggested and use Jim's technique to activate runway 5/23
then you can close 18/36 both ends and remove the starts and lighting
when i did my version of PANC i seem to remember Alaska Airlines had a flight going there at the weekends (i think) so the airport needs an 18m spot if you have flight plans for ASA
give this a try and let us know how you get on
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I think Alaska’s weekly flight is now on Wednesday. Can’t remember where I read that. Sounds like it’s the only jet service there these days.

I’ll give the crosswind tutorial a read through and try it out. Removing the runway and replacing it with an apron makes sense, but the other way sounds more interesting. Thank you for the tip.


Ok, both will work,
if you're using the Xwind runway technique both runways will now be active until you close 18/36 completely and remove the starts, etc.etc..................
if you still have the same problem as your first thread then you have not activated 5/23 correctly
All looks good. Thanks for your suggestions.

I tried the crosswind option. Had to work out a couple things, but that seemed to do the trick. I am now getting the correct runway options.

Thanks again.