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Compiles but doesn't show


I have the following in my ground2k4 project:

Lines (for roads)
VTP2 polys
Lines (for coastline)

All works and compiles fine but in FS2004 the Lines are not there, neither the roads nor the coastline. Am I missing something? I find it strange as only 3 files are being compiled: the exclude one, the landclass one and the _5 one. Isn't there supposed to be a _9 for roads and coastline? Whats wrong here?

Thanks all,

Hi !

Thats sounds strange :confused:

What is your project folder ?
Wich version of G2k u use ?
What lines are u missing = roads, coastlines, .............. ?

Normaly G2k aborts compilation when u made a mistake with drawing lines but he should show u a notice.

I`ve done all mistakes with G2k but this one is new to me :rolleyes:

Marijo Pavlovic
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Mr.BrBlazer, does your problem was solved?
I have familiar troubles, but after compiling obtained _3.bgl, not _5.bgl ... and also can't get _9.bgl.

Config: Ground2k4 v.5.33, FS9.
Project folder is "C:\Program Files\Ground2K4\Ground2K4\Project\"less 8 simbols""
Road type: "1147 asphalt / 6 lanes / divided median", layer 35.

Thanks for answer!

PS: My first post on Inernational Forum! :wave:
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Try having exclude files and mesh files in a seperat folder from your other files. Having them in the same folder doesn't work. Lines will not show and mesh terrain will not work.

Try to organice your files as shown below. And by the way: No texture folders with exclude- and mesh files. :stirthepo