? concerning SDE

Hi Folks,

New here just found this place a few days ago. Anyway I have downloaded
the latest SDE file and I keep getting a alist of errors. Yes, I do have dotNet2.
I initially downloaded the first couple of test releases for SDE and opened and
all was ok . However When I got the latest package it wont work.
I guess my question is, do I need to have all the releases for SDE
or will the last release be all I need ? I cant send you a copy of the error
due to I am at work right now and if need be can post of pic of it later on tonight.

Thanks in advance .


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To have the latest version of SDE you need to download two files.

Download this one first


Unzip this to it's own folder somewhere. Then download


This zip contains a single file called jmFlightSimLib.dll.

Find the folder you put the original install into. Rename the version of jmFlightSim.Lib.dll to something else, or move it to another folder, then copy the new dll into the folder.

Check the latest release notes (with 0_90_2624.zip) on how to set up SDE.

If you are still having problems then let us know :)