FSXA Config file assistance needed, Contact points,static comp, etc

Gear leg extension and animation looks good. My only issue is fixing (and understanding) why this is happening. I'm hoping someone knowledgeable will explain how to fix the problem.

Here's a short video of the issue. http://sdrv.ms/1dcXmfm


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All is well.
Good to hear Don, you've probably worked out by now that your gear's range of movement is much larger than the contact points are specified for. The static compression figure in aircraft.cfg is too small, so as the gear unloads at lift-off the helo moves up a smaller distance than the gear moves down: hence the sinking gear. Measure the range of movement for static compression directly from the Gmax model.

Once that's corrected, I think you'll need to adjust the actual contact point vertical positions.
It never ceases to amaze that someone can come up with a solution. What with the amount of knowledge there is in the shadows of forums that aid someone like myself, my frustrations from doing it blindly set me to whits fuse and a flash point.

I'm glad I posted the video for a nice visual of the issue.

Tom, you are real close to correct in your findings. My static compression, and max static compression settings were WAY off. Once I got them dialed in, things made more sense to me in the numbers and what I needed to change.

You have come to my (belated) aid again my friend.

Thank you!