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P3D v4 confusion reigns

Well I'm trying and failing miserably in converting an ai fs9 model for personal use in p3dv4.
I have read and reread a tutorial on the alpha india group on how to do this but I have reached a point quite early on that has me stumped.
it states this

Once you have the model imported into MCX it is time to start converting the animations.
Open the Animation Editor and you will see that there are a number of animations, hopefully most
will be identified but some may be “unknown”. Start by converting the standard animations.
c_tire, l_tire & r_tire convert to c_tire_blurred, l_tire_blurred, & r_tire_blurred respectively.
the gear animations will convert automatically.
engine0, engine1 etc convert to N1_0_still. Note that if you are converting a prop driven aircraft
this animation should be converted to prop0_still.
The animations that are identified depend totally on the model. Sometimes you will be lucky and
the animations for spoilers, thrust reversers, elevators etc. will be self evident and you just need to
find the FSX equivalent. Other times the modeller has written custom xml animations for various
features and so they will appear in MCX as “unknown”

now I suppose I'm lucky in that the model I am trying to convert does not have any unknown parts but where I'm having problems is where it says "start converting the standard animations"
It quotes "c tire,l tire convert to c tire blurred, l tire blurred " but does not say how you convert them.
also further on it mentions engine changes, is there a list somewhere that gives what the differences between fs9 and p3d/fsx
the aircraft that they show is not the one I wish to convert so its all quite confusing
any advice help would be appreciated


Resource contributor
There is an animation editor in the menu bar that looks like an old movie clapper. Click it and it brings up the list of assigned animations. Select an unknown and use the frame slider to see which bit of the airplane model moves. You can now assign an FSX animation to that part. Be very careful though as mistakes can be very hard to correct.