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FSX Connect/Disconnect versus Auto Connect permanently checked in FSX ADE


I recently purchased ADE 175 for FSX and I have a problem:

The User Manual (Page 23) shows:

(1) A picture of the FSX ADE Main Display’s Toolbar where (on the right) there are two “Connect/Disconnect” buttons, and

(2) A picture of the FS9 ADE Main Display’s Toolbar where (on the right) the two “Connect/Disconnect” buttons do not show and there is only one “Test” button.

Then the Manual indicates: “This is depending whether the box “Auto Connect” is checked or not.”

I am confused, mine is FSX but my ADE Main Display shows like in (2) above -like it was FS9.

In my Main Display the “Auto Connect” box is already checked and it cannot be unchecked, and so my ADE cannot connect to FSX.

Please see the picture which I attach.

Please let me know what can I do to solve this.

I will appreciate your help very much.
Best regards,
ADE for FSX but with ADE Main Display for FS9.png
Load an airport into ADE and the Auto Connect checkbox should become active. Then you can uncheck it if you wish
Jon's advice is "spot on", but I have a question for you now. You purchased ADE 175 for FSX ?

ADE is generously offered by Jon for free through his site at scruffyduck. The ProKey, which allows the free program to be more versatile, is available for purchase, but in my screen the title bar says (Pro) while I notice yours does not. So, if you indeed purchased ADE 1.75 from someone or company, then you were taken advantage of and Jon's masterful program is being used for illicit profit.

Secondly, as far as I am aware there is no ADE 175 for only FSX, if that was your meaning, but I could be wrong. ADE 1.75 works with FS2004, FSX, P3D, and maybe even xPlane for all I know.

Perhaps it is just a question of semantics and I am misunderstanding what you mean, though. If so, my apologies.

Hi Randy,

My statement “I recently purchased ADE 175 for FSX…” is wrong two ways:

I did not purchase ADE, I downloaded the free version. I don’t know why I said “purchase” -may be because I am used to buy most of the things I download?

Besides, I know that the great ADE 175 is for FS2004, FSX and P3D. Maybe I said “ADE for FSX” because, as I read in the manual, when ADE detected just FSX in my PC (because I do not have FS9 or P3D nor xPlane) it set itself to work with FSX and, from my point of view, it became a kind of specialty for FSX in my system.

I am sorry for those two errors -which made you see a possibility that I had bought ADE from someone else obtaining illicit profit.

I believe it’s improbable that I could be misled like that.

What I really purchased is ProKey, and I am going to install it now.

My apologies, again.

Best regards,
No worries Luis...I just didn't want to see you taken advantage of by unscrupulous others...and they do exist. Glad that is not the case. Also glad you are getting ProKey. It gives the free ADE a broader versatility.

Did you get the "auto-connect issue solved?

Hi Jon,

My respect and congratulations on ADE 175 (176 already?) -a great product; and as a fan of FS, my gratitude too.

You advised me: “Load an airport into ADE and the Auto Connect checkbox should become active. Then you can uncheck it if you wish”

I’ve loaded an airport, and the problem is gone:
Thank you very much.

I hope I won’t be bothering much: I’ll do my best investigating plenty enough before I make a question.

But now I continue having a seemingly related problem:

ADE communicates with FSX -please see the previous picture and the next two:
ADE crashes: Boca Raton stops loading into ADE and Windows 10’s Task Manager reports that ADE is not responding. I must use W10 Task Manager to close ADE -because ADE becomes unresponsive to any click or key input.

What can I do to solve this? How could I download KBCT - Boca Raton?

Please let me know.

Best regards,


I’ve completed up to 3.7 of the ADE Tutorial and it runs beautifully.
I guess you didn't download the Model Footprint Database and ADE is not hanging but creating footprints. Download the database from thls page: http://www.scruffyduck.org/downloads/4584110854 and install it in the folder called Global that is inside the ADE main folder. Replace the file MFDB.dbs that is already in the folder. Now start ADE again and load your airport

This article explains what Detailed Footprints are all about: https://scruffyduck.screenstepslive...89324-detailed-library-object-footprints-1-70
I downloaded the Model Footprint Database; but, at this moment, I don’t know what I did with it. I’ll find out and correct, or I will download it again with your link and reinstall it in the right place per your directions. Thank you very much.

I have not faced other problems with ADE.

I’ve completed the ADE Tutorial’s airport (USER) and added a NDB, a VOR and a few other objects. I also rotated it. All works well.
I’ve just began to build my first own airport. Please see attached picture where I am landing on the Terrain Polygon with my Baron 58. It’s an old, closed military base in northern Honduras at N15o 25.67 W86o 53.70.
Landing on the Terrain Polygon for 'Base Agua Caliente' with the Baron 58.jpg