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Continuous Animations ?

How (if possible) do I use CAT to create continuous animations?

I'm interested in changing the rotation rate and/or the movement of ojbects based on wind velocity (wind mills, wind speed meters, trees, etc...).

So far I've only been able to create animations that run - stop - reverse, (hanger doors).

Thanks again for this wonderfull tool.
Hi Rellek,

In that case I would make the rotations with the different speeds in GMax and then in CAT use the secondairy condition only, so no animation trigger. You then let the secondairy variable decide which of the animations to show.
I'm trying to do a similar thing...I have a beacon that I would like to start rotating at dusk and turn off at dawn. There are two objects associated with the beacon...1)the beacon itself and 2)the red and green light that revolve around with the beacon. So far I can only get strange behavior out of these objects. They will rotate 360 degrees and stop or snap 90 degrees.
So, I need to get them to start rotating at dusk, stop at dawn and as well have the lights go on and off at the appropriate times.
Could really use some detailed help. I've tried many different things with CAt2k2.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Adam,

I would try to use the time of day as animation condition. And don't use the trigger, as that will give only one round of rotation.

For the lights, you probably need some manual source code tweaking, as CAT only does animations :).