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Continuous Compiling Error AFLT 45213 for FS9

Hi all,
I have been using AFLT without compiling issues until this current project. It complied when I first did the runway and part of the taxiways. But after coming back and finishing the lighting, I receive an Unhandled Exception Error. I am including a screenshot of the error. If anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate the help.
Screenshot (121).png
There's really no way for me to assess what's happening without your entire project folder and your reference airport .bgl. - which will allow me to set up identical conditions on my system. It might also be helpful if you described what you did to "finish the lighting".
Hi Don,
thanks for the reply. Sorry I didn't attach the project. To answer the questions:
  1. Reference airport is RCBS - Kinmen Airport in Taiwan
  2. As to finishing the lights - I started by adding the runway and approach lights, then saved the placement and complied the airport. Then a little while later, I re-opened the project, and added the taxi center lights and the wig-wag lights at the hold-short portions of the taxiways and saved the placement and compiled the airport. Up to this point, everything worked as normal. Finally, I went back and added the edge lighting. (I am forced to do this as copy and paste, because no matter how long the link is, for some reason it adds extra lights in unwanted places and I am unable to delete those lights, even after reading the manual several times and looking through the forums. - I can't re-highlight an already placed light and then move or delete it.)
  3. I will attach the files now for you to look at.
Thanks for all your help.


  • RCBS.zip
    74 KB · Views: 108
When you said "finishing the lights", I assumed a few final touches.

Reference airport .bgl not included in zip. I used the stock airport, which is somewhat different from yours (as shown in the screenshot above) but which seemed adequate for test purposes. Bottom line, the compile was error free.

I then took a closer look at your screenshot above and noticed you are not using the latest release of AFLT. I am! So, it would seem you are experiencing an issue that was fixed some time ago. If you update to the latest release, all should be well.

Under the Options menu is an item Check for Updates at Startup. If you check that, you will be notified automatically when an update is made.
Hi Don,
I have the update boxed checked, and when I go to the help tab and manually check for updates, it claims I have the most current update. I was under the impression that is the latest version available.
Am I confused?
Please let me know what version number I should be looking for.
Thanks again for all your help.
I had a problem with the auto-update feature last year, and your current release may be one of those affected. Version's release wasn't that long ago, but there's a lot of water under the bridge in the interim. Go to http://stuff4fs.com, select Applications/Airfield Lights Toolbox, and click Latest General Release from the Main Menu. That will get you Version
Thanks Don,
I will do it and let you know what happens.
Thanks for all your efforts,
Hi Don,
Updating to version 4534 did the trick. The file compiles with no issues. I have not had a chance to test the delete and move functionality yet. But as soon as I do, I will let you know if I have issues.
Thanks again for everything,