Hello again guys how are you?
Here is another question.

Is it possible to make a runway follow the contours of the ground?
And if so how?

Thanks George, I guess I'll give this one a miss for now.

However please answer this for me.
If I edit a stock airport say by changing the runway surface how do I ensure that myself and others can revert back to FSX stock?

If you place the airport bgl into the Addon Scenery\Scenery folder, that folder is already normally active in the scenery.cfg file.

All the user has to do to revert back to the Stock airport is delete your Airport bgl.
Well if you can only follow the contours using GMax CAN you flatten an area on which to build a runway/airport [of modest proportions]
You condition and flatten a area you want your airport to be placed with the following.


At present this requires building a Shp2vec type cvs bgl with FSX SDK, SbuilderX or FSX_KML type utilities.
CAN you flatten an area on which to build a runway/airport [of modest proportions]
Yes, one can create a flatten, or even a sloping flatten, using Shp2Vec.

In fact. I believe that one can use kmlxml or sbuilderx to do this, but I have knowledge only of Bln2Shp and Shp2Vec.

Thanks to both of you.
Now,which way to go??
For a start I can't find shp2vec!!
I know I will get help from both of you for which I thank you but which would be the EASIEST method for me to cope with??
and who wants to kick of with the first lesson??

Got it.
May I please ask something of you guys while going through this and that is PLEASE do not be too cryptic or use jargon I am unlikely to understand.
I really want to get into this but there is a limit to my knowledge, of well, technical "speak" but I will be able to follow you if you keep it straight forward.
I print out everything you post so keeping it straight forward makes it easier for me/others??
Thanks guys.
As you know from my other post I want to establish a network of float plane bases and thanks to you I have now got that under my belt.
However although it is [now] fairly straight forward I think it would be "nice" to have a land based strip by the float base as well.
Also because of the ground in FSX there is little or no room for any land based buildings let alone a runway, so that is the object of this exercise.
If you would like to place this under a different topic heading so anybody else can follow it then please do so.