Controling coloring of textures

gents, I know the sky textures control now scenery textures are displayed. For example the image attached show a pure B/W texture at night. FS2004 decides to add some colors in there (look closely, although it seems full black, you'll see purples, greens etc. )

I know there is a document that describes how the sky textures do this, if I recall well, it is in the first 5 pixels of the bitmaps. But I ca not track down that document, it certainly is not part of the SDK's.

Can anybody enlighten me?




Resource contributor
Hi Mathijs,

I looked but it doesn't seem that I have a copy of that document either. However, I've heard that it was ACES' Jason Ford who originally released (wrote?) that document so maybe you can get it from the horse's mouth:

Good luck. And let us know when you find it.

Cheers, Holger
Thanks Holger, this is really a major problem for me and I have just written Jason. He's a nice enough guy and if he knows I am sure he'll help me out. Will report about progress.