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I would need help with how to convert an airport from FSX to P3D v4.5 HF in ADE (latest version).It is a third party airport originally developed for FSX . Should this be done by opening files in ADE and then compiling and in so what files? I have compiled a file ESNN_ADEX_ML to change the parking spaces in the airport. When the file was comiled i have to files, one.bgl and one .xml. Where should the xml file go? Can i read about this anywhere? Excuse my ignorance and maybe obscurity.



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The .xml file is what is used to complete the compiling of. The .xml file can be either keep and store or deleted, it's up to you.

Within ADE, within options, you have the means to either keep the .xml or not after compiling into a .bgl file. Again, up to you.
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Thank you for answer. But how should I do for converting the whole airport from FSX to P3D. I guess it won't be enough to convert a file. Can I read about this somewhere?



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Most FSX airports should work in P3D without conversion. Have you tried just adding it to the P3D Scenery Library?

AFAIK there is no tutorial for making this conversion. My guess:

1. Open the FSX ADE file in the P3D version of ADE and compile it for P3D.
2. If 3D objects do not appear, load those into ModelConverterX and export them in P3D format. Keep the same GUID value.
3. Edit the files for any elevation problem or encroaching roads, etc.
Hi again
I'm not sure which file is FSX ADE. Is it the file called _ADEX_ in the scenery folder for ESNN?
Here are all files i that folder.

FILE 1,641 CVX_ESSN-Sundsvall_Exclude.BGL BGL
FILE 42,603 ESNN_ADEX_ML_p3dv4.bgl bgl
FILE 312,812 ESNN_ADEX_ML_p3dv4.xml xml
FILE 2,108 ESNN_Bilar.bgl bgl
FILE 1,836 ESNN_exclude.bgl bgl
FILE 297,848 ESNN_FSX_Library.BGL BGL
FILE 260,742 ESNN_FSX_Library.old old
FILE 400 ESNN_FSX_Library.txt txt
FILE 140 ESNN_Gamla_term.bgl bgl
FILE 140 ESNN_H.bgl bgl
FILE 140 ESNN_Hus.bgl bgl
FILE 140 ESNN_Hus2.bgl bgl
FILE 140 ESNN_Hus3.bgl bgl
FILE 332 ESNN_Hus5.bgl bgl
FILE 620 Esnn_Markljus.bgl bgl
FILE 812 Esnn_Personal.bgl bgl
FILE 140 off
FILE 764 ESNN_StoraLampor.bgl bgl
FILE 188 ESNN_Terminal.bgl bgl
FILE 49,377 Grass runway markers.BGL BGL
FILE 465 grass runway markers.txt txt
FILE 25,962 Scan_Diverse_Lib.BGL BGL
FILE 236 Scan_Diverse_Lib.txt txt



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The ADE file is ESNN_ADEX_ML_p3dv4.bgl. The objects are in the Library BGL but it says it's for FSX, so those should be fine.


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I'm not sure that there is not any differences between P3D v4.5 libraries and FSX libraries. There could be. I believe there is diiferences in how they are made or put together. There also might be differences in their textures (the slots used) as well, which could cause problems also.

Unfortunately, MCX can only read v4.5 but not show them through the viewport. So, there could be differences. Looking at the xml of the libraries, one of each, v4.5 and FSX could tell us.
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Yes there may be differences (PBR, etc.), but I understood that P3D could display FSX objects OK, so that should not be a problem, right? That's what I advised him.


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They can, but if the library (FSX), has missing elements or variables within, it could read the library incorrectly. That what I'm saying. Because of this, Thomas would need to extract the models within the FSX library and remerge them into a compiled PSD v4.5 library. This would eliminate possible side effects or problems. Time-consuming, yes, but he could also update the textures if he wanted to or needed to. I'm assuming the models, etc are all his, of course.