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FSX Convert multiple FS9 bgl to FSX


Can someone tell me how i can convert multiple bgl same time for FSX?
It takes long time to convert many bgl files with ModelconverterX
I need to make my FS9 bgl files to FSX.

Thank You :)

Arno's ModelConverterX (aka "MCX") does have both a "Batch Convert Wizard":


...and a "Convert and Place Object Wizard"


BTW: IIUC, you are referring to FS2004-compatible scenery by "Toni Hiltonen" ?

If so, is the scenery you are referring to ...3D MDL-based objects ?

And is your FS9 legacy format scenery BGLComp-XML-type or SCASM / ASM type ?

PS: If this is part of the "Free Flow" scenery, IIRC it involves legacy format LWM and/or VTP vector scenery:


AFAIK: To de-compile the legacy FS9-compatible format terrain scenery LWM / VTP BGLs such as "Free Flow", this is automatically done for the end user in SBuilder for FS9 (aka "SB205") when one navigates:

SBuilder for FS9 Menu > File > Append... > LWM BGL... (or "VTP BGL...")

Once the required LWM and VTP BGLs are imported into SBuilder for FS9, one navigates:

SBuilder for FS9 Menu > File > Export... > SBuilder SBX...

The SBX file can then be Imported or Appended into SBuilder for FSX (aka "SBuilderX"); after the SBX file is displayed in SBuilderX, one can better see the terrain vector vertices, poly-lines, polygons, and land class 'types' used in the original package, as well as more precise Geographic coordinates for the terrain vertices etc.

The terrain scenery data within the Imported / Appended SBX file can be used in SBuilderX to make custom FSX and/or P3D compatible scenery "replacements" for the original files in the above package. :idea:

Hope this info helps ! :)

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im converting city scenery files(buildings) to FSX, scenery buildings are modeled by good old FS2002 Scenery Apprentice from Abacus. :D
I use ModelconverterX and i can see buildings in 3dview and all works fine :) I allready tested this scenery in P3D too, and it works fine there too :) There is still a lot of work to do, so i will tell if there comes any issues on future.
After i have done with the city sceneries, i will move forward to make some tests with Freeflow Florida, i need to Contact Scott if he have time to do some work together with me :)

I will try the Batch convert wizard

Thank you very much for your help. ;)


Resource contributor
AFAIK, I think batch convert is very good tool. But converting FS9 to FSX requires a lot more than converting. There are a lot of MDL properties that does not exist in FS9 and need to be added in FSX. You need to load up each MDL or BGL and make changes individually.
I have made a tutorial for you. May be it helps a bit. But you need the knowledge of FSX material. No way to change automatically be ONE Click.