Converted Model operates 180 Degrees in Reverse - Help Request

I was told this forum would be the better place to ask my question...

I have converted a few ground models (from a scenery library) to create some interesting AI sessions with the models.

But, though I have successfully converted and tested the models (I always create drivable versions to make sure they display etc), when I advance the throttle, the model drives backwards -- and -- the tail lights are displaying on the front of the model. Thus I assume that the vehicle is 180 degrees out.

Is there a tool to edit and change this or is there something I can do in the config perhaps (though I didn't see any reference that might prove useful).

Thank you in advance.



Resource contributor
Use the Transform Object/Rotate command in ModelconverterX (which he was using for the conversion) and rotate the model 180 degrees in Heading.


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Thanks Tom. I knew that of course, but it is unkind to not provide the solution in the OP for the sake of others' continuing education. :teacher: